We're proud to have supported amazing youth opportunities, below are a few stories from our incredible Face of Today program participants. 

“I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am. Not only has your hospitality changed my summer, but will also stay with me for life. Although wake-boarding may be a fairly regular thing for you, rest assured that the amazing experience will drive me to give back any way I can. Its’ truly mind blowing to think that I went on an all-expenses paid trip to a mini oasis, to do one of the most fun activities of my life. I truly hope that you all will carry on with this incredible charity, as it will change many, many lives. A million thanks.”

– Carter

“I just want to say a big thank you for everything. I’m really happy. I was the first to wakeboard and that’s the exact words “I’m done, I quit” and now I’m cruising through the waves. I tried new things and new foods and before I got fired from my jobs. I would never thought I would do all the stuff I did. Words can’t describe how I feel.”

- Ghaitharkan

“I’d like to thank you for the fantastic effort on running this camp, and how you really did make my dream come true. Face of Today’s staff really make it an unforgettable experience and thank you for everything.”

- Christmas

“This weekend was such a great experience, it was a great carefree weekend to relax and have fun learning a sport that I would have never tried before with an amazing group of people. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to learn a new sport - I wouldn’t have been able to try water sports if it wasn’t for you guys! Thank you! Great job for making the program come through it sure was a great kick off to your program. You guys are truly amazing!”

- Shaniece

“Thank you for making a very memorable summer. It was experience of a lifetime. I never thought I would be able to pick up a new sport and get the feeling of it so quick. It could not have been possible without the amazing people at FOT. The weekend was truly the best part of my summer, and will never be forgotten.”

- Gerald

“First of all, I just want to give a big thank you to everyone behind the scenes of this program. You give all kids such an amazing opportunity to have fun and learn and I think thats incredible. This is my second year here and it only gets better and better. Another big thank you to Norm, Nate, Marcus, Alex, Natalie, Kasondra and Tiff, you all are fantastic leaders and I couldn’t ask for anyone else.”

- Matteo

“I am very fortunate because a lot of people don’t get a chance like this. Also it was the funnest time I have ever had. It was 100x better than what I thought it would have been. I also would like to thank Face of Today for everything. In all honesty, there is nothing that needs to be changed – IT’S THE BEST! 150/10”

– Gurkaran

“I just want to thank you guys for this wonderful opportunity! Without all these amazing people this would not have been fun. The thing I enjoyed the most was the water jetting that was awesome. I got to go really high. I’m very grateful for all of this if it wasn’t for you guys I would have probably never done this. Thank you!”

- Mustafa

“This studio changes everything for kids like us. We don’t have the resources or money for this and nobody cares or notices, and when you provide it, our life changes, like man, you wouldn’t believe… I just can’t tell you…” - Josh

"This program means a lot to me because we are working as a team and we have our very own teacher, “Uncle Krev”, who knows everything and he cares about us and our music. My team believes in me when nobody else does. We work together, everybody helps each other and we get things done.”

- Jake

“ Thanks for choosing me out of so many people, I never knew about this until I got chosen to go. I had a blast, tons of fun! I wouldn’t change it, this was the best weekend of my summer. Hope it happens again. Thanks for teaching me how to wakeboard, buying us food, the kayaks and bringing us to the carnival. Also thanks for giving us extra food. THANKS! “

- Elijah

“My family and I dont always get away during the summer, so it was great to be involved on a weekend trip. The resort we stayed at was nice, the food was great, and getting to try wake boarding on a brand new boat was totally awesome!”

- Kodi

“I can’t believe this, that I get to be here for free and make music. This is the best day of my life.”

- Barclay