Volunteering with Face of Today


Volunteering with Face of Today

At Face of Today, we encourage and welcome youth and community of all generations, backgrounds, faiths, culture, ethnicities, gender identities, abilities and lifestyles to participate in deeper conversations and practices surrounding mental health. At our resource centre we aspire to foster accessibility and inspiration to shift perceptions.

 If you have feedback for us to help improve access and offerings, we welcome you to contact us. 

Become a Youth to Youth Mentor:

Do you live in the Vancouver or Lower Mainland area? Are you between the age of 16 and 29? Do you have 3 hours per week to spare for a year? Yes? Become a mentor! Being a mentor doesn’t only your mentee’s life, it changes yours too. 

Through our program, youth mentors are matched up with vulnerable youth and newcomer youth to Canada between the ages of 14-18 in a peer mentoring relationship. The youth you connect with often face mental health challenges in their daily lives, whether social, emotional or cultural. They may also be coping with high levels of stress or learning challenges. Youth connecting with youth through peer mentorship can provide at a youth with a consistent relationship that brings positivity, supported mental health and increased wellness overall. Youth Mentors are provided training to ensure they have the awareness, skills and knowledge to be positive and impactful mentor for their new peer. 


What Youth Mentors Do for their Peers Matters:

When you’re young, your friends have a big influence on you. They have a lot of say in what music and clothing you like, the activities you do, and the choices you make. By harnessing the power of friendship, peer mentoring helps encourage healthy lifestyles for kids who need guidance and a helping hand.

We are a Vancouver based foundation providing youth wellness programs that enable volunteers and youth mentors who want to transform lives. They stand-up as role models, activity partners, friends, and help their mentees realize their full potential. Our volunteer and youth mentors also go through their own transformations, developing leadership and social skills to become outstanding professionals and members of their communities.

Our evidence-based, customized program uniquely recruits, assesses, and matches youth based on personality, interests, and location. We take the time to get the match right. We also provide on-going training and support for our mentors as well as organize monthly activities to bring our matches together.

What Volunteers do works:

Our wellness and youth mentoring programs works. Youth do better in school, they stay out of trouble, they turn around to give back to their communities, and many come back to be Youth Assisting Youth mentors themselves. 

Where Volunteers can work:

Face of Today’s Resource Centre is easily accessible by transit in the heart of downtown Vancouver. In 2019, FOT’s wellness programming will facilitated at the centre. In 2020, FOT Outreach Programming will commence with our community partners in the Lower Mainland. 

The Volunteer Application Process: 

We fully screen, train and support all of our volunteers and youth mentors. Each volunteer position with the FOT Pillars has a specific application process. The screening process includes a police background check, professional or school reference check and assessment questionnaire. All volunteers must complete FOT’s mandatory Volunteer Orientation and Training as per their volunteer role. 

Volunteering with the Create Pillar Team:

Do you enjoy creative arts and supporting youth in our community? Do you have talent for event planning or gallery exhibition installation? Consider joining the friendly Create Pillar team! We are always seeking creativity-loving individuals to as both Founding Volunteers and Support Volunteers to help Face of Today advance our mission and vision. Create Pillar Founding volunteers often lead creative workshops, classes or courses in the arts or they can create project-based or art residency programs that utilize their specialized talents and skills to mentor small groups of vulnerable youth. Create Pillar Support Volunteers collaborate with Founding Volunteers to learn and develop new skills while supporting Face of Today’s ongoing youth programming.

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Other perks of volunteering on the Create Pillar Team:

Founding Volunteers have the option to utilize the centre for one personal art event/exhibition each year they are volunteering without space rental fees. Founding volunteers can also host private classes/workshops in the FOT Resource Centre with an agreed percentage of revenue going back to FOT Youth Programming. The Resource Centre has three mobile gallery walls and 4 plinths that can be used for small exhibitions. Founding volunteers are recognized as leaders on the volunteer team, featured on our website and can submit creative arts programming proposals to Face of Today's youth programming. Founding volunteers also meet with FOT's Visionary Team regularly to share their ideas and suggestions for FOT's development in community engagement and offerings to youth.

Support Volunteers can host private classes/workshops in the FOT Resource Centre with 40% percentage of revenue going back to FOT Youth Programming.

The volunteer commitment:

Create Pillar Founding Volunteers (Leadership Roles): 

A minimum 1 year commitment, approximately 8-12 hours per month

Supporting Creative Arts Volunteer: (Supporting Role): 

A minimum 6 months commitment to volunteer, approximately 4-6 hours 

Volunteering with the Nourish Pillar Team:

As a volunteer in the Nutrition and Wellness Pillar, you will have a keen sense of and value the role of our overall health, and how it relates to our physical as well as mental health This could be in relation to nutrition and food, or mindfulness practices and more. Perhaps you love food, or maybe you have a passion for wellness trends. The perfect person to be a part of this team is someone that can collaborate with experts and professionals to help them bring their vision and messaging to our youth in the most efficient and effective way possible.

What we are looking for:

- An education or passion in areas of wellness, such as nutrition and mindfulness

- A special skill set in these above areas that makes you of added value to our community. Think, cooking etc!

- Strong organizational and communication skills

- The ability to be a team player and support and encourage not only our youths during our work together, but the leaders hosting as well. 

- The keen interest to offer compassion focused support to those within the space and a drive to facilitate safety within the space

- A sense of pride and respect for the work, and a commitment to become part of our extended family. 

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Volunteering with the Strengthen Pillar Team:

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As a volunteer for our Strength pillar, you are someone who values movement, empowering others, and bringing your community together through events and outreach opportunities. 

Our Strength pillar focuses on redefining what we know to be true about fitness and the way we move our bodies. We get to create definitions that are unique to us and move in ways that celebrate everything our bodies CAN do. We create accessible, digestible, and engaging events and classes that prioritize creating a healthy relationship with fitness and connecting with our bodies. 

What we are looking for:

  1. A background and/or experience in health & wellness (Kinesiology degree, volunteer positions, currently employed or practicing at a studio, etc).

  2. An intrinsic drive to bring your community together through movement workshops and relationships

  3. You believe and actively practice the values and message Face of Today stands behind.

  4. You’re motivated to learn and be a part of a community that aspires to change the world one conversation at a time.


Volunteering with the Indigenous Knowledge and Youth Support Team:


Volunteers in Indigenous Knowledge and youth support share their own personal knowledge and lived experience from an Indigenous,  mental health perspective to support the engagement of Indigenous youth at the Face of Today Foundation. These leaders understand the social, emotional, health and justice-related issues encountered by the Indigenous youth and families, with particular knowledge of approaches, practices and processes that are supportive and respectful of Indigenous ways of doing. This position will provide cultural peer-based mentoring, leadership skills development and support to Mental Health of Indigenous youth participating in FOT wellness programming in order to share wisdom and learning through dialogue and engagement to increase the meaningful participation of Indigenous youth in peer-led activities. The Indigenous Knowledge and Youth Support volunteers will establish a dignifying and purposeful relationship with Indigenous youth by getting to know them as individuals while sharing their own personal stories, successes and challenges.


The Indigenous Knowledge and Youth Support volunteers are also asked to assist in FOT’s development of Indigenous youth  related initiatives; assist in recruiting and training other FOT volunteers; support the FOT Volunteer Training Program and assist with planning, development, evaluation, quality improvement and research to ensure that Face of Today’s wellness programming is wholistic from an Indigenous youth perspective.


What we are looking for:

• A demonstrated ability to work with Indigenous populations and to recognize and respond appropriately to the needs of youth and young adults.

• Knowledge of approaches, practices and processes that are supportive and respectful of Indigenous ways of doing.

• Knowledge of the principles of wellness, recovery and willingness to share their own personal recovery journey.

• Understanding of the value of peer involvement.

• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

• Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as a member of a team.

• Ability to problem-solve and take initiative.

• Ability to deal with others effectively.

• Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.

• Ability to organize work.

• Ability to operate related equipment.


Education and Experience, what we are looking for:

• Experience working with Indigenous youth and young adults with mental health and addiction issues or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience is not mandatory but welcomed. Experience collaborating with teams in a planning or educational setting would be an asset.

• Lived experience with Indigenous mental health and/or recovery.

• Comfortable acting as a liaison to build linkages with community peer support services, by methods such as identifying trends, needs and priorities for Indigenous youth mental health/substance use related issues; maintains contact with community groups and volunteer organizations who serve youth to promote interest, participation, and support Face of Today’s wellness programming



Volunteering with the LGBTQS+ Inclusion and Support Team:

The Face of Today Resource Centre responds to community issues and needs by supplying the resources and opportunities to foster mental health and self-determination. It is committed to principles of accessibility, voluntarism, individual dignity and value, participation and celebration. Through our wellness program, FOT strives to serve all genders and sexual orientations across the  identity continuum. As an LGBTQS+ Inclusion Educator and Suppor volunteer you will provide leadership to ensure the FOT resource centre is a comfortable community and social venue where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth can meet and explore the social, historic, intellectual and emotional reality of their identity through program opportunities.