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Did you know, that after 19 years old, youth are considered adults by B.C.’s Ministry of Children and Family Development and are no longer cared for by the system? By transitioning without the support of traditional homes and family support networks, they face high rates of homelessness, mental health issues, suicide and drug overdose.  

Although some youth leaving care are resilient and successful, they often face more challenges than their peers from traditional homes, such as not having a family network, limited financial help, poor life skills, and psychological scars linked to childhood trauma.

Give the Gift of Hygge this Holiday Season. Help us provide backpacks for aged out youth filled with empowering gift cards, cosy and essential items, along with a bound journal. For so many, writing serves as an outlet to voice frustrations and setbacks, as well as hopes and dreams and is a great form of therapy for mental health. 

What does my donation give?

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Your generous donation will help give fostered youth the essential day-to-day items they need.

$10 - A bound journal

$25 - Bundle of health & wellness items like shampoo, mouthwash, toiletries, gloves and more.

$25 / $50 - Loaded gift card for food items

$100 - A fully stuffed backpack with all the essentials items