New Founding Patron of the Face of Today Community Space

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Face of Today is proud to announce its newest corporate partnership with justcar, as one of the founding patrons of the community space.  Justcar - the newest member of the automotive community in Vancouver - offers a modern take on pre-owned cars sales. They give consumers the ability to browse online for a vehicle with easy, no haggle pricing.

 “We believe that the car buying experience should be fun, transparent, affordable and easy. At justcar, we give you that experience every time. Its simple. Fair. Period.” – Robert Wissenz, Team Leader at justcar.

Justcar offers only high value used cars at a fair price. Justcar provides peace of mind when purchasing your vehicle. How? Unmatched vehicle guarantees:

  • Titan certification on vehicles 

  • Carfax vehicle report

  •  just certified vehicle inspection

This start-up company is managed by a group of young, bright Vancouver business leaders who wanted to offer an easier car buying experience. Time is precious. This company knows you don't want to spend hours stuck in a traditional dealership haggling with the manager over a fair price. Youth of Vancouver already struggle with the ongoing stigmas surrounding mental health; this stress is heightened by living in a city with one of the highest living costs in North America.

  “We’re excited to work with a company run by young like-minded individuals who are interested in providing affordable transportation solutions for first time car buyers.” – Kasondra Cohen

Face of Today is proud to be their charity partner for justcar’s upcoming one-year anniversary celebration and launch of their latest suite of automotive technology solutions on June 4th.